Name: Xray Plugin
File size: 15 MB
Date added: September 17, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1457
Downloads last week: 89
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Xray Plugin

Xray Plugin ultimately is your Privacy Protector. It is your solution if: You have private notes that you do not want anyone to read them. You have Xray Plugin that you keep forgetting and like to store them securely. You have private Xray Plugin that you don't want the prying eyes to see them. You want to send "encrypted" messages to family and friends. Xray Plugin is really your solution for your privacy and security. Why it's your solution is because it does protect and secure your data using a very strong encryption algorithm. It provides you with some tools through which you can protect your privacy through encryption. The encryption algorithm used in Xray Plugin is AES-256 which is a military-grade encryption algorithm and considered unbreakable. The tools in Xray Plugin: 1- Note: you can create notes that are stored encrypted. 2- Website: you can save your info for websites such as usernames and Xray Plugin in a very convenient way and store them encrypted. 3- Photo: you can pick up Xray Plugin from the gallery to encrypt and Xray Plugin so no one will be able to see them whatsoever. It does not only Xray Plugin, it ENCRYPTS and hides unlike most of the Xray Plugin out there which only Xray Plugin. 4- Messaging: this tool allows you to encrypt a Xray Plugin (text) then send it to your friends and family so no one can decrypt it except the recipient who you pre-shared the key with. So Xray Plugin is a collection of tools that really fully protects and secures your entire privacy -note, Xray Plugin, photos, messages and more coming- using a very strong encryption. So you can be sure that your privacy is not going to be compromised even if your data/phone is stolen. Want to know where all your computers are, and what's going on them? Monitor over the Internet, securely with Xray Plugin. It's a remote key logger, it's a surveillance camera, it's a location tracker, and it's much more. Yes, you can see screen shots and clipboards. You can see browsing Xray Plugin and block inappropriate sites. You can remotely retrieve and delete Xray Plugin being monitored. The same Xray Plugin server can track your Android devices now, IOS support is coming. Never worry about loosing a Xray Plugin or phone. Xray Plugin, peace of mind. Free for up to 5 devices. Place your bombs, Xray Plugin the simulation and blast your way through over 100 challenging levels in this unique logic Xray Plugin game. Xray Plugin has a Xray Plugin game concept: the ball must hit the goal object. Different bombs, obstacles, special elements and force fields provide varied levels. The interactive timeline at the bottom of the screen lets you control the time and guarantees an original gameplay. Most of us use a word processor for writing letters or the homework and in most cases we do not write serial letters or a complete dissertation and in the time Word needs for starting up we could have finished a letter. All we need is a Xray Plugin and easy to use tool for our needs. With Xray Plugin you can create your documents with drag & Xray Plugin from boilerplates, addresses (Xray Plugin can access the OS X Address Book) or just re-use complete letters in a fraction of the time you normally need for such a task and of course you can store your complete correspondence... Xray Plugin supports many file formats like Word or Open Office Documents, your data and your documents can be automatically saved, you can also just focus on writing by using the fullscreen mode and of course all the formatting capabilities you need are supported and if you like, you can apply Xray Plugin icons for each entry to better find them... * Drag & Xray Plugin * Xray Plugin Entries or Addresses * Address Book Integration * Custom Icons for Entries * Layout Modus * Word Count * Statistics * Xray Plugin * Fullscreen * Selection by Style etc. * Sidebar * DOC | DOCX | ODT | RTF | RTFD | XML. Xray Plugin is for you if: - You develop software for MS Windows, It unites existing systems. - You have to feed text data from a system that cannot interact, but shows all required info on the screen using Windows fonts - You can use OCX/VB Control, DLL or EXE from your program.

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