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I never for a moment imagined that I'd be singled out for a full body search. He asked us to help him. I was impressed by his music. Why is the train late? Where do we get the textbooks? I am able to drive a car. Come and see me at eleven o'clock. I am Miss. Catherine. Like father, like son. Do you work on Sundays?
Wugazi: - Will you help me move this desk?
- She asked him to call her later.
- How is life?
- Will you call me a taxi please?
- I've no doubt at all that...
- She felt like crying.
- What he told us the other day simply doesn't make sense, does it?
- Are you new here?
- My mother is very affectionate.
- You can dance, can't you?
Kate drinks a lot of milk every day. Mike managed to carry the suitcase by himself. He came to meet my father. Please shuffle the cards carefully. Would you do me a favor? You are quite a man. I want to spend more time doing things that make me happy. He is afraid of his own shadow. Can I leave a message? He told them that he had had a wonderful time.

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